Aloha from monsoon soaked Big Island Hawaii. I believe it has been about 6 weeks of monsoonal rains on the east side that has brought brown water alerts and rough seas and the last week of the year appears to hold the same forecast meaning; No Fishing for us kayakers.

I could make a Kona run but…… That seems to be my mantra for 2011; I want to go fishing “But”. Not fishing hasn’t had anything to do with motivation “But”, it seems that something has interfered whether that was, work, back issues, DIY projects or other domestic duties. What’s the forecast for 2012?

I resolute to making time to fish 2012, no pressure to catch but just go fishing and enjoy just being out there. I have an opportunity to take early retirement (4 years early) which would be my 2nd retirement after having retired from Uncle Sam’s misguided children (USMC) 13 years back. Problem is the 2nd career has made for a standard of comfortable living and new toys and technology that will be tough to readjust to, and of course the biggie, the wife says “Not”! Damn, a missed chance to take up fishing and not be bothered with the daily grind of punching the time clock, oh well.

So what am I going to do? 1st is making leader sets and sharpening hooks in ample numbers, oil the reels and replace any gear items that need it. Because of the back issues I’ve taken the Scupper Pro out of mothballs so I can bear the lesser weight of lugging the yak to the water verus the Hobie which is a monster but great for extended outings when a partner can help with the lifting. So I’ve made some “McGweyer” additons and/or tweaks to make the load out faster and share some of the components from the hobie making them interchangeable. I’m pau with the electronics with the exception of the radio and will rely more on reading the sign and not fret on loose or broken connections.

So….2012 here’s looking at cha’, I’m ready and oh yeah, no mo’ sharks my tackle is tested.